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The Real Face of Santa

One-Hour Special for BBC Two / Discovery / La7 / Fremantle

The image of a rosy-cheeked, white bearded Santa Claus, in a red costume, is recognised all over the world. Yet little is known about the real St Nicholas, an early Christian bishop who lived in Turkey. This documentary pieces together historical and forensic clues to reveal new details about the life of Saint Nicholas, and a team of forensic reconstruction experts use his skull to build a facial reconstruction that reveals his true likeness.



'This is the story of the real Santa - someone you wouldn't want coming down the chimney in the middle of the night'
The Times

'Pieces back together the true, elf-less Father Christmas'
The Guardian

'A fascinating programme... cutting-edge technology and scientific detective work help to bring this semi-legendary character to life'
Daily Mail

'Interesting historical reconstructions and archeological research'
Time Out