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Munich: Mossad’s Revenge

aka: Munich - The Real Assassins

One-Hour Special for Channel 4 / Discovery / La7 / Fremantle

1972, the Munich Olympics: eleven Israeli athletes were killed after being taken hostage by a little-known Palestinian group called Black September. It was an event that shocked the world, and the Israeli government wanted revenge. Mossad, Israel’s intelligence service, sent elite undercover agents across Europe and the Middle East to hunt down and kill the twelve people they believed were responsible for the Munich massacre. Steven Spielberg’s movie ‘Munich’ is based on a fictionalised account of these events. This film reveals for the first time the real story behind Israel’s campaign of revenge and how it spiralled out of control through the testimony of senior Mossad figures, undercover assassins, eyewitnesses and relatives of the victims.



Nominated for BAFTA Television Awards - The Huw Wheldon Award for Specialist Factual

'Move over Spielberg - Channel 4's retelling of the aftermath of the Munich massacre is a history lesson that will be hard to beat'
The Guardian

'Done with dramatic flair... but the grim repercussions are never forgotten'
The Sunday Times

'Goes a long way in helping to set the record straight'
Baltimore Sun

'Fascinating documentary... A well-researched, subtly dramatised account... A chilling look into a morally difficult subject'
The Daily Telegraph

'Well-paced and intelligent documentary'
Daily Express

'Engrossing documentary... features some surprisingly well-connected interviewees'
The Observer

'The elaborate reconstructions of the killings lent the Channel 4 film the air of a thriller'
Daily Mail

'Fascinating documentary... blows the lid on the secret massacre carried out by Mossad'
The Sun

'Excellent, disturbing documentary'
Radio Times