Alchemy VR create
groundbreaking documentaries



Award winning Zoo VFX bring the past to life.



World leading factual across
multiple platforms



Colossus Productions lead the world in factual 3D


Atlantic Studios

In its long history of storytelling, Atlantic Productions has given rise to many exciting new companies. Drawing on the endlessly growing experience and talent of these companies is what allows Atlantic Productions to create the specialist factual programming they are known for.

Award winning Alchemy VR is regarded as one of the world’s leading non-gaming VR companies.

Combining 21 years of Atlantic Production’s storytelling with the award-winning output of Zoo VFX,  an innovative Virtual Reality studio was born; Alchemy VR.

Following on from Atlantic Productions early adoption of 3D documentary making, Alchemy has now made several narrative led experiences for Virtual Reality. They bring great stories to VR through a combination of live action 3D, spherical video, real time rendered worlds, and high fidelity CGI.

Alchemy has produced the acclaimed museum experiences First Life and Great Barrier Dive VR, both with David Attenborough. They are currently screening in London and Australia. They are about to produce several new experiences including pyramids VR and human body VR.


Atlantic works closely with ZOO, an EMMY award winning computer animation and visual effects studio. The company’s work combines traditional model-making techniques with the latest advances in computer animation technology.

They are leaders in 4k VFX production and have a wealth of experience in stereoscopic production supplying the 3D VFX in for the Specialist Factual Bafta winners Flying Monsters and Natural History Museum Alive.

As well as their large portfolio of creature effects they are also adept in creating pipelines for use of new technologies exemplified by their work using point cloud data from the ground-breaking series Time Scanners.



Atlantic Digital work with Atlantic Productions to create  award winning multiplatform, The team was behind David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive App, a unique and exciting interactive journey, bringing the user face-to-face with some of the museum’s most striking specimens. By day, users uncover the science and stories behind the extinct species; by night they are magically brought alive to roam the world hundreds and millions of years after they died out.

Atlantic Digital also produced the Kingdom of Plants app with David Attenborough, it was key part of the multi-platform  ‘Kingdom of Plants’ project which also includes a  3 part series for Sky 3D and Sky Atlantic HD, shot over the course of a year at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

The Kingdom of Plants App takes you on a unique journey around Kew with David Attenborough, inviting you to interact with the plants like never before.

Colossus Productions is the production company formed by Sky 3D and Atlantic Productions in 2011. The joint venture was created to develop and produce high-end 3D, HD and 4K (Ultra HD) programming for UK and international audiences, including the rapidly growing number of Sky 3D and HD homes.

Emerging from Atlantic Productions’ record in producing the BAFTA award-winning Flying Monsters 3D and the theatrically-released The Bachelor King 3D, Colossus has already produced Galapagos 3D, Micro Monsters 3D, the BAFTA award-winning David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive 3D and this year’s BAFTA nominated David Attenborough’s Conquest of the Skies.

In 2015 Hollywood’s prestigious International 3D Society presented Atlantic Productions, Sky and David Attenborough with the coveted Charles Wheatstone Award for their outstanding work in their 3D productions.